A year to be remembered for Quintopasso Metodo Classico

We are back from Vinitaly, where Quintopasso Metodo Classico showcased the 2017 vintage wines which were degorged last November. While we have been enthusiastic about these traditional method wines with nearly 60 months on the lees, the real test of quality is in the glasses of the buyers and wine experts who tasted them.

Many of us remember a challenging growing season in 2017, so we asked our enologist Filippo Mattioli to explainFilippo agreed, “The 2017 harvest was a particularly difficult year due to several factors.
Early bud break followed by a late frost in late April caused significant damage at a crucial moment of the growing season.
Temperatures from late May through late August were significantly higher than normal with highs even above 40°C, and during this period the weather remained dry.
The combination of frost damage followed by severe heat and drought meant that the wine-growing area would see a sharp decrease in the quantity harvested.
The foliar cover of the vine training system contributed as much as possible to shade the ripening bunches; relief irrigation together with the unique soil composition found at Tenuta Sozzigalli supported the plant in times of extreme drought.
Against all odds, a late August change in climate brought cooler temperatures and much needed rainfall that made the difference, avoiding undue stress in the late stage of veraison.
Although quantity is limited, this unique combination of seasonal factors was able to create the conditions for a qualitatively excellent harvest with an optimal phytosanitary state of the grapes.

To date, 2017 will be remembered as one of our best classic method vintages.”

The 2017 vintage of Cuvée Paradiso, Pas Dosè and Rosè Brut are now available at the Villa Cialdini wineshop and at our online wineshop.