Producing great wines is only one part of our task.

Our greatest undertaking is to build a world around wine where quality, passion, perseverance and reliability are all mingled in a unique and priceless set.

Although generations succeed one another, problems repeat themselves, and great revolutions happen, we always cling to a constant attention and absolute dedication to our products and clients.

150 years, an instant or an eternity, but with one and only objective: true wine and reliable quality for everybody.

The pride for our land, with its fruits and traditions, provides us with unlimited energy to progress and improve.

The Chiarli family, always true to these principles, is ready for today’s task: to renew the image and increase the value of Lambrusco and the wines in our area. This can only be achieved thanks to unique vineyards, a winery built for excellence and a great passion, with the result of obtaining high-profile and elegant wines.

Chi Siamo