Cleto Chiarli brings the sparkle to World Lambrusco Day

June 13, 2023

Cleto Chiarli, the first and iconic producer of Lambrusco wines, has launched a new digital campaign in partnership with VinePair and US importer Dalla Terra Winery Direct. The campaign will culminate in a food and wine pairing event in New York City on June 21st, the annual celebration of World Lambrusco Day.

The US market has been particularly receptive to Cleto Chiarli’s Lambrusco wines, finding traction among younger consumers in trendy, upscale bars and restaurants. The campaign is set to build on this positive momentum, using the Cleto Chiarli premium Lambrusco brand to increase the awareness of Lambrusco wines for summer enjoyment.

Tommaso Chiarli fresh from a US Road Tour adds, "I have worked in the US markets for severals years now and have never witnessed such enthusiastic engagement and interest in our sparkling Lambrusco and brand. It is the right time to experience the lively and happy soul of Cleto Chiarli and our great Italian sparkling red wines."

With a growing number of quality producers, the appeal of Lambrusco wines is stronger than ever, augmented by the choice of styles, methods, and grape varieties. What the wines have in common is the sparkle, from frizzante to spumante. Lambrusco is the consummate easy-going red wineto serve chilled on a warm summer day.

Informative, engaging content invites readers to understand the remarkable differences and qualities, from the bright pink of a brut Lambrusco Sorbara, like our Vecchia Modena Premium, to the deep ruby red Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro produced in an amabile style, like our Centenario. Readers will also learn how to best pair Lambrusco wines with non-traditional dishes.

VinePair will liaise with importer Dalla Terra to communicate the bars and restaurants where consumers can enjoy Cleto Chiarli wines.

Consumers and participating bars and restaurants will be invited to share their favorite Lambrusco wine with us on social media #worldlambruscoday #cletochiarli.

Since its founding in 1860, Chiarli has championed quality Lambrusco wines with passion, making the brand an ideal ambassador to bring new inspiration and new consumers to Emilia Romagna’s favorite wine.

For US market inquiries contact our importer Dalla Terra