Golosaria Top Hundred 2023: We're a part of it!

In the Golosaria Top Hundred Guide for 2023, now in its twenty-second year, the list of wines selected by Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti, compiled after a year of tastings that involved nearly five thousand wine samples, includes our Lambrusco del Fondatore 2022. We find it among the wineries that have been repeatedly awarded, in the category of the hundred "historic" wines, alongside the latest innovations, proving the continuity of the work in the vineyard and the cellar by Cleto Chiarli.


Here's the reason behind this recognition: "For over a century, the Chiarli family has been dedicated to promoting Lambrusco, cultivating vineyards in Castelvetro di Modena. Their respect for the vineyards and their skilled touch in the cellar have given birth to memorable labels deserving of recognition. These labels have showcased the absolute excellence of wines like Lambrusco di Sorbara 'Vecchia Modena,' a dynamic, penetrating, persistent, and delightful wine that earned our Top Hundred spot in 2003. Lambrusco del Fondatore 2022, refermented in the bottle, represents a delightful interpretation of traditional Lambrusco. With its rosy sparkle, the aroma of roses and strawberries, and a lively, penetrating acidity on the palate, it's a true delight."


The Golosaria Top Hundred recognition is a testament to the Chiarli family's dedication to the art of producing exceptional Lambrusco wines, and it reinforces their esteemed position in the international wine scene. Cheers to Lambrusco excellence!