Vecchia Modena Noir Set to Conquer the USA

The elegant, old-fashioned design chosen for the new Vecchia Modena label harkens back to a bottle from 1890. This isn’t just any Lambrusco wine; it’s made from the ancient Grasparossa variety, cultivated on a single vineyard of just over 12 hectares purchased by founder, Cleto Chiarli in 1898 as part of the Villa Cialdini Estate. Here, tradition is preserved through continual innovation. The new Vecchia Modena Noir label, crafted exclusively for the American market, stands as an ambassador, bearing the name of the city where Lambrusco originated. This bottle celebrates Modena and the Chiarli family, which proudly upholds its enviable reputation. It’s three icons in one: a fortunate city, a storied family, and a remarkable wine.

The North American market is crucial for Lambrusco, and Cleto Chiarli is determined to offer its best with a pure Grasparossa.


Cleto Chiarli’s American Market Data

The numbers speak for themselves. For Cleto Chiarli, the American market makes up 25% of its revenue. A quarter of the company’s global sales are concentrated there. The Vecchia Modena brand, a multiple-award winner and the first Lambrusco DOC to be recognized by Gambero Rosso in 2008, dominates not just in Modena and Italy but especially in the U.S., where it is Cleto Chiarli’s best-selling label. An impressive feat, considering this success is driven by demand from restaurants and boutique wine shops.


The Grasparossa Grape and Lambrusco Wine


The Grasparossa grape thrives in Castelvetro on alluvial soil, covered in silt and gravel, in a predominantly dry, breezy climate. How is Vecchia Modena Noir created? At the Tenuta Cialdini winery, after a careful selection of grapes and gentle pressing of the must, a single fermentation directly initiates the sparkling process (pris de mousse). This is unlike other Charmat-method sparkling wines, which typically undergo a second fermentation.


This unique process demands experience and precise control to craft wines that preserve their distinctive character, marked by freshness, fruity aromas, and notes typical of wines from the Modena region. To underscore the uniqueness of Vecchia Modena Noir, special attention is given to selecting the original Lambrusco Grasparossa clones.


"We are particularly proud," says Tommaso Chiarli, Head of Communications at Cleto Chiarli, "to offer the North American market Vecchio Modena Noir, an expression of Vigneto Cialdini. High quality and enjoyment are a perfect continuation of our other successful product, Vecchia Modena Premium."


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