At this point, Anselmo's sons, Giovanni and Giorgio led the company after a 2-year break culminating in the completion of the rebuilding works. The post-war enthusiasm and prosperity helped the production to expand to 4 million bottles in the 1950s. 1959 marked a revolutionary change in the Lambrusco production method. In that year, Chiarli, the leading winery in Emilia, installed fermentation tanks and began producing Lambrusco using the Charmat (or tank) method. The only method that had been used until then was the ancestral method, which involved a second fermentation in the bottle. With the Charmat method, the winery was able to produce more aromatic, fruity, harmonious wines and above all, this new controlled fermentation allowed them to create wine types and styles more suited to that tastes of new generations of consumers. 

Sparkling wine (whether frizzante or spumante) was no longer kept for special occasions only; it  could be found on the tables of Italians every day and Chiarli wines gained a leading position in the market thanks to its value for money, progressive business organisation, and a well-developed logistics system.

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